Team Villain

Disgraceful Directors

The Fail Friends

Gender Male
Eliminated TDI:"The Cheese Inquisition"/ "Swimming with the fishes"

RR:"Wrath of Khan"/"We're Oslo Cold"

Place Tdi:19th/10th


Friends Billy,Cody,jared, scott, Dave, Skipp
Enemies Amy,Cooper, Beth, Emma,Jay,Mickey

Vin is an OC that has so far appeared in TDI and TDA, and is going to appear in the ridonculous race.He is labled "the fail villian". 


Vin is evil, mean, and a mastermind, but not really, he does excell at manipulation and being a jerk, but karma is a jerk to him, making him the contestant with the worst luck, and most injuries. He is always Greedy to the extreme, making the prize money his only goal, that, and to try not to die on the way to said goal, because chances are, hes gonna get mauled by squirrels or some other mishap is going to happen to him. Even with his rather abrasive personality, he seems to be on good terms with a majority of the cast, most notably Jared,Billy, and Cody

Ridonculous Race Episode Appearances

On Your Marks...

Nobody Expects The Spanish Competition

Gypsy Hybrids

The Rocky Roads of Dublin

Berlin Fall

The Soviet Connection

Monk Marathon

The Wrath of Khan (elminated 1st time)

Climbing Khalifa (returns)

 Great jäbdänya

Tro Tro Travel

Warsaw Packing

Carry Me Careful

Tuk Tuk These Pairs Suck

We're Oslo Cold


  • There is a running gag of him getting hurt while plotting in the conf.
  • His catchphrase is "sleezebags".
  •  He was the first contestant to be disqualified.
  • Vin has never been eliminated normally in any season he has competed in.