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Total Drama Island
Season 1
TDI Logo
Episode count 27
Winner Cody
Preceded by N/A
Succeeded by Total Drama Action

Total Drama Island is the first season of Total Drama Our Way..



For the first half of the season, the cast will be split into three currently un-named teams.

Team Hero

Team Neutral

Team Villain

Episode List

Episode Title Date
1 Return of the Drama 25/6/14
2 The Blue Harvest Moon 6/7/14
3 Quest to Cody Island 6/7/14
4 The Truth Comes to Light 6/7/14
5 Coco's Revenge 9/7/14
6 The Aftermath: I 9/7/14
7 The Cheese Inquisition 10/7/14
8 The Chrislympics 10/7/14
9 The Bianca in Brianna 11/7/14
10 To Catch a Killer 12/7/14
11 Fearful Thinking 12/7/14
12 The Aftermath: II 12/7/14
13 May the Odds Be Never In Your Favor 13/7/14
14 Boney Island 13/7/14
15 Mine Blowing 14/7/14
16 Swimming With the Fishes 14/7/14
17 Mission: Pahkitew 15/7/14
18 The Aftermath: III 16/7/14
19 The Return of Amy 16/7/14
20 Pilot School 17/7/14
21 Mount. Wawanakwa 18/7/14
22 Total Trivia 18/7/14
23 Final 4 Freefall 18/7/14
24 Rebuilding Wawanakwa 24/7/14
25 The Aftermath: IV 16/8/14
26 Battle of the Century 16/8/14
Special Race for the Case 15/11/14

Elimination Table

Episode Character Losing Team Rank
1 Noah Team Neutral 23rd
2 Trent Team Hero 22nd
3 Bianca Team Neutral 21st
4 Pierre Team Neutral 20th
5 N/A N/A N/A
6 N/A N/A N/A
7 Billy and Vin  Team Villain 19th/18th
8 Dave Team Villain returns
9 Samey Team Hero 16th
10 Duncan Team Neutral 15th
11 Mike Team Hero 14th
12 N/A N/A N/A
13 Amy Merge returns
14 Harold N/A 12th
15 Felix N/A 11th
16 Vin N/A 10th
17 Antonio and Cameron N/A 9th/8th
18 N/A N/A N/A
19 Dave N/A 7th
20 Amy N/A 6th
21 N/A N/A N/A
22 Jared N/A 5th
23 Zoey TBA 4th
24 Scott N/A 3rd
25 N/A N/A N/A
26 Brianna N/A Runner-up
Cody Winner


Episode Challenge Winner Reward
1 Build shelter Team Villain Treehouse/Cave
2 Walk through the woods during a Blue Harvest Moon Team Villain N/A
3 Sink Cody Island Team Villain N/A
4 Truth or Dare Team Hero N/A
5 Capture Coco and get the million dollars back Team Hero N/A
6 Aftermath N/A N/A
7 Race around the island Team Hero N/A
8 Olympic sports Team Hero N/A
9 Answer questions truthfully Team Villain N/A
10 Find out who killed Chris Team Villain N/A
11 Face your fears Team Villain N/A
12 Aftermath N/A N/A
13 Paintball war based on the Hunger Games Brianna Invincibility/Night in the treehouse
14 Find a Golden Chris Head on Boney Island Dave Invincibility
15 Find diamonds in the Mine Brianna Invincibility/Night in the treehouse
16 Swimming race
Shut down Pahkitew Island's main computer Cody and Brianna
18 Aftermath/Quiz Show Amy Return to the game
19 Cliff diving for keys Brianna Invincibility/Night in the treehouse
20 Flying different aircrafts through checkpoints Scott
21 Climb up Mount. Wawanakwa TBA
22 Trivia Quiz TBA
23 Skydiving TBA
24 Rebuild different parts of the island TBA
25 Aftermath/Build a totem pole of the previously eliminated contestants TBA Advantage in the finale for 1 finalist
26 Retrieve your Golden Chris Head from Boney Island and bring it back to camp. TBA $1,000,000