Were you looking for the Total Drama Island episode May the Odds Be Never In Your Favor?

There will be a completely new TDHG, using the Total Drama Characters and OC's.

Total Drama Hunger Games
Season 1
Episode count TBA
Winner TBA
Preceded by N/A
Succeeded by N/A


In an alternate dimension, all of the Total Drama contestants in this series are put to fight in a game of murder for cash. There are 12 districts and the cast is split up. Couples and friends turning on each other, conflicts getting what they want. And it's all hosted by Chris. Who's ready for tthe most blood-filled series yet?


District 1

These are the most Diva-like and Fashionable contestants.

District 2

These are the most Cutthroat and Strategic contestants.

District 3

These are the most Nice and Generous contestants.

District 4

These are the most Wanna-be Sexy and Innapropiate contestants.

District 5

These are the most Crazy and Energetic contestants.

District 6

These are the most 'Smart and Intelligent contestants.

District 7

These are Random contestants. There was no specific theme for these players.

District 8

These are the most Different and Outside the box contestants.

District 9

These are the most Evil and Rude contestants.