(Chris) : Last time on Total Drama Action

(Chris) : The teams took part in a musical-themed challenge
(Chris) : The musicaly gifted actors won yet another challenge
(Chris) : And Eva was sent packing
(Chris) : But all was not well in Total Drama Land

11:26 You're Irrelevant. oh-? 11:26 Glenn31

(Chris) : For innocent Cody caught on to Mal's schemes
(Chris) : So, what's gonna happen today?
(Chris) : Find out right now
(Chris) : On Total
(Chris) : Drama
(Chris) : ACTION!
(stop) TALK  (stop)
(Mal) : *as Mike* *wakes up* Morning everyone

11:28 TrueCobalion

(Trent) : Another day... another challenge *sigh* Hey Mike

11:28 You're Irrelevant. i love how lie 5% of that rang a bell 11:28 Glenn31


11:28 Lettucecow ikr 11:28 The Villainous Vulture Same 11:28 Glenn31

(Mal) : *as Mike* Morning Cody. Did you sleep well?

11:28 Lettucecow

(cody) Not really.

11:28 The Villainous Vulture SO WHO TF DO I EVEN PLAY IN THIS 11:28 Lettucecow scott and jared I think 11:28 Glenn31 Jared Scott and Dave 11:28 The Villainous Vulture Oh 11:28 Glenn31

  • le knock on the door*
(Chris) : *walks in with Skipp* This is Skipp, your new Cooper

11:29 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : *Wakes up* Fuck my life.

11:29 Glenn31

(Chris) : Cooper, leave.

11:29 Lettucecow

(Cooper) *blows up*

11:29 Glenn31

(Chris) : *also leaves*

11:29 Lettucecow Skipp: (derp) 11:29 Glenn31

(Mal) : *conf* Cody's on to me. I need to think of a way to get rid of him quickly. But how?
(Mal) : *waits until he's alone in the trailer with Cody*

11:30 Lettucecow

(vin) *conf* Not sure I like the new guy, he has kinda a deranged.. look... kinda like a possum.

11:30 Glenn31

(Mal) : *as Mike* Hey Cody, could you do me a favour?

11:30 TrueCobalion

(Trent) : *conf* A new contestant? Something smells fishy...

11:31 The Villainous Vulture Lol, favour 11:31 Glenn31


11:31 The Villainous Vulture You Europeans with your u's 11:31 Glenn31

(Mal) : *as Mike* Cody?

11:31 Lettucecow Skipp: *conf* JESUS, I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW I GOT ON HERE, I WAS AN INTERN FOR LIKE..15 MINUTES, THEN, THEN...THEN, HE GOT ME ON HERE, AND A GUY BLEW UP, *swallows an energy drink, can and all*

(cody) wat

11:31 Glenn31

(Mal) : *as Mike* Could you bring this bag full of Vito's hairspray cans to the dumpster for me? My back's sore and it's really heavy

11:32 Lettucecow

(cody) why would I do that?
(cody) Even if you were mike, why would I bother?

11:32 Glenn31

(Mal) : *as Mike* Because you're a good friend?

11:32 Lettucecow

(cody) ....what are you smoking

11:32 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : *Chucks a pillow at Mal* FAGS! 

11:32 Glenn31

(Mal) : *as Mike* Are you STILL on that? Listen, just do me this solid and I'll make it up to you


(cody) hmph. Fine.

11:33 The Villainous Vulture He's there now bitch 11:33 Glenn31

(Mal) : *as Mike* you're the best

but he's too stupid to see the setup k 11:33 Lettucecow

(cody) *grabs the bag* Stupid personalities.. *walks off*

11:33 Glenn31

(Mal) : *as Mike* *goes to where everyone else is* Hey, what's Cody doing with that bag?

11:34 TrueCobalion

(Trent) : Huh?

11:34 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : I really don't care

11:34 Glenn31

(Lindsay) : He looks really lampish  (derp)

11:34 Lettucecow

(vin) Do I look like a care?

11:34 The Villainous Vulture

(Jared) : Ooh, I love bags
(Dave) : *Looks at Jared* Um.. what?

11:34 Glenn31 Vin looks like a care 11:34 Lettucecow yes


11:35 Glenn31

(Mal) : *as Mike* It's really fishy

11:35 Lettucecow

(vin) How?

11:35 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : And we care, because?

11:35 Lettucecow

(vin) We take our trash up the dumpster every morning, sleezebag.

11:35 You're Irrelevant.

(beth) : *flings cheese from unknown area*

11:35 Glenn31

(Mal) : *as Mike* Well, all of our stuff go missing, Cody suddenly has a mysterious bag
(Mal) : *as Mike* Put two and two together and... what is she doing here?

11:36 Lettucecow

(vin) The bag that probably has all his TRASH IN IT?

11:36 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : When the hell did out stuff go missing?

11:36 Lettucecow

(vin) Think.

11:36 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : I'm not missing anything

11:36 TrueCobalion

(Trent) : My stuff?

11:36 Lettucecow

(vin) My knife is missing, but whoever has that best hide it better than a bag.

11:36 Glenn31

(Mal) : *smirks at the camera because y'all know who has it*

11:37 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : Vin's knife is literally the only thing missing

11:37 Glenn31


11:37 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : You're just being paranoid

11:37 TrueCobalion

(Trent) : True

11:37 Glenn31

(Owen) : And Lindsay's mirror, Zoey's flower, Scott's picture of Amy, Trent's guitar, Mike's shark tooth, my pizza

11:37 Lettucecow Skipp: Challenge time? Oh JESUS, it's gonna be dangerous, right???

(Vin) Your voice is really annoying.

11:38 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : Well my stuff isn't missing so

11:38 Glenn31

(Chris) : I said challenge time! Get to Studio 3 now!
(Owen) : What about your golden watch that you like to wear so you can rub it in people's faces that you're rich?

11:38 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : Nah
(Dave) : WAIT WHAT
(Dave) : THAT'S GONE?! 

11:38 TrueCobalion

(Trent) : :O

11:38 Glenn31

(Owen) : You said that was missing

11:38 Lettucecow

(vin) Well it isn't on your wrist dave

11:38 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : WHEN
(Dave) : HOW
(Dave) : WHERE

11:38 Glenn31

(Mal) : *as Mike* Or is it really missing?

11:39 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : Well I DO have a tendency to lose things

11:39 Glenn31

(Chris) : *teleports everyone to the challenge*
(Chris) : *wearing a cowboy suit* Gosh, you guys can't even follow simple instructions

11:39 Lettucecow

(cody) Of course we can't
(cody) we don't like you

11:39 Glenn31

(Lindsay) : My teachers all say that too  (derp)
(Chris) : Anyway, welcome to today's Western Movie themed challenge!
(Chris) : It's called
(Chris) : The Good
(Chris) : The Bad
(Chris) : And BETH! *points over to where Beth is standing*

11:40 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : Ew.

11:40 Lettucecow

(vin) ....

11:40 TrueCobalion

(Trent) : What

11:40 Glenn31

(Lindsay) : I get it, because Beth is ugly! Haha!

11:40 Lettucecow Skipp: OH GOD! I saw her in the promo, shes scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyy. 11:41 Glenn31

(Chris) : *plops a cow hat on Beth*

11:41 TrueCobalion

(Trent) : Wait, this doesn't look-

11:41 Glenn31

(Chris) : Your challenge is to chase Beth around this western-themed set. The first team to successfully capture her, will win today's challenge and recieve immunity

11:42 Lettucecow

(vin) I'm not getting near that thing.
(cody) Agreed.

11:42 The Villainous Vulture FUUUUUUUUUUUUU 11:42 Glenn31

(Chris) : Not even for a million books?


(Chris) : Not even for a million bucks!?

11:42 Lettucecow

(Vin) No.
(cody) No thanks. 

11:42 Glenn31

(Chris) : Not even for your knife?

11:43 TrueCobalion

(Trent) : I ain't touchin her

11:43 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : No one wants to touch that thing

11:43 Glenn31

(Chris) : You can use ropes
(Chris) : That means minimal contact

11:43 Lettucecow Skipp: AH COME ON. It's can't be THAT bad right? Skipp: *walks up to beth* 11:43 Glenn31

(Chris) : *tosses each team one rope*
(Beth) : *makes the scariest noise ever and runs away*

11:43 Lettucecow Skipp: .... 11:43 Glenn31

(Chris) : GO!

11:43 TrueCobalion

(Trent) : After her shes getting away!

11:43 Lettucecow Skipp: JESUS!!!!!!!!! *runs away and screams* 11:44 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : *Chasin that cheese throwin hussy*

11:44 Glenn31

(Beth) : *leaving a trail of grated cheese*

11:44 TrueCobalion

(Trent) : *begins running after her*

11:44 Glenn31

(Mal) : *chasing af*
(Beth) : *climbs up a tree*

11:44 Lettucecow

(vin) *tries roping beth, but ends up tieing himself up* How.

11:44 You're Irrelevant. (doesnt even know who i am) 11:44 Glenn31

(Owen) : She's too high for the rope to reach

11:44 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : *Poking a stick up the tree*

11:44 Glenn31 YOU'RE BETH AND ZOEY EVADE CAPTURE 11:45 You're Irrelevant. oops

(zoey) : *was on scotts back the whole time hoping he didnt notice*
(beth) : *sits on vins face tbh*

11:45 Glenn31

(Amy) : *watching from somewhere looking quite unhappy if you ask me*

11:45 Lettucecow

(vin) ....
(vin) *screams*

11:45 Glenn31

(Lindsay) : There she is!

11:45 TrueCobalion

(Trent) : *bleh*

11:45 Glenn31

(Lindsay) : *tosses the rope at Vin and Beth*

11:46 Lettucecow

(cody) *tries roping beth, but ends up getting vin;s neck and starts choking him accidentally*

11:46 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : *Notices* Why are you on my back?

11:46 Lettucecow


11:46 TrueCobalion

(Trent) : Get it off him!!!

11:46 Glenn31

(Lindsay) : *tosses rope at Beth

11:46 Lettucecow

(cody) My bad!

11:46 You're Irrelevant.

(cody) : *throws cheese at cody*

oops 11:46 Lettucecow watr 11:46 You're Irrelevant.

(beth) *

11:46 Glenn31

(Mal) : *ducks at dat cheese doe*

11:47 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : *Uses his farm powers to lasso Beth af*

11:47 You're Irrelevant.

(beth) : *becomes a sprinkler of cheese*
(zoey) : FUCK NO

11:47 Glenn31

(Chris) : Oh, Scott got her
(Chris) : That was quick

11:47 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : Farm experience right there.

11:47 Lettucecow

(cody) Oh.

11:47 TrueCobalion

(Trent) : ...

11:48 Glenn31

(Chris) : Actors win!
(Lindsay) : Yay! *claps*

11:48 You're Irrelevant.

(beth) : *bursting with cheese tho*

11:48 Glenn31

(Owen) : WooHoo! *bearhugs Scott*

11:48 TrueCobalion

(Trent) : *gets one of beths cheese in mouth*

11:48 Glenn31 oh god 11:48 TrueCobalion

(Trent) : *begins puking all over the place*

11:48 Lettucecow Skipp: *conf* *has a stack of like 15 energy drinks with him* That thing is scary, so I'm hiding out here, maybe it won't notice me.AUGH! PROBABLY! I'm gonna die! DOLPHINS FROM THE FUTURE! 11:48 You're Irrelevant.

(beth) : *Squeezes cheese into a the shape of a baby with scotts head*
(Zoey) : *throws up*

11:48 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : MY... SPIN....

11:49 TrueCobalion

(Trent) : Omg this is fucking gross!!

11:49 Glenn31

(Mal) : *conf* time to put my plan into action

11:49 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : *Sees the cheese in combination with the hug and passes out*

11:49 Glenn31

(Mal) : *as Mike* *walks up to Cody with a trash bag* Hey Cody, you left your bag at th- *trips* Whoops! *drops the bag and everyone's stolen stuff falls out*

11:50 Lettucecow

(cody) How did that get there?

11:50 Glenn31

(Mal) : *as Mike* Is that my shark tooth!?

11:50 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : So that's where that went

11:50 Glenn31

(Lindsay) : And my mirror!
(Owen) : MY PIZZA!

11:50 TrueCobalion

(Trent) : And my stuff I don't know that was!

11:50 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : *Puts on his rich-guy watch* Sweet

11:50 Lettucecow

(cody) Real original plot device.

11:50 Glenn31

(Mal) : *as Mike* I can't believe you Cody

11:50 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : Thanks for finding my stuff Cody

11:50 Lettucecow Skipp: *conf* THE 4TH WALL! IT'S BROKEN! 11:50 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : Your a real bro, Cody

11:50 Lettucecow

(cody) Your welcome 
(cody) I found it all

11:51 TrueCobalion

(Trent) : Thanks Cody, you helped us find our stuff there

11:51 The Villainous Vulture


11:51 Glenn31

(Mal) : *as Mike* Are you all idiots!? He took them!

11:51 The Villainous Vulture


11:51 Lettucecow

(cody) *blows a raspbarry at mal*
(cody) Why would I take them? 

11:51 The Villainous Vulture

(jared) : *Grabs Cody and shakes him* HOW DARE YOU TAKE MY NOTHING

11:51 Glenn31

(Mal) : *conf* How.. did that backfire?
(Mal) : *as Mike* Do I look like a psychiatrist?

11:51 Lettucecow

(cody) You need one

11:52 Glenn31

(Mal) : *as Mike* I know :c
(Chris) : Directors, place your votes!

Beth Cody Dawn Eva Gwen Izzy Cooper Trent Vin 11:53 Lettucecow

(cody) *glaring at mal*

beth,gwen and eva re out I think 11:53 TrueCobalion Beth Gwen and Eva are elim 11:53 Glenn31 yep 11:53 TrueCobalion And Cooper exploded and left 11:53 Glenn31 vote bishies so Skipp instead of Cooper :3

(Chris) : Only 3 people have voted
(Chris) : Anyone else?
(Chris) : Ok times up. We have 4 votes

11:54 The Villainous Vulture

(Dawn) : I vote for Zoey  (Derp)

11:55 Glenn31

(Chris) : Three of which are for Mike and Zoey
(Chris) : Who are not on this team

11:55 You're Irrelevant.

(Zoey) :  (twitch)

11:55 Glenn31

(Chris) : Really guys

11:55 You're Irrelevant. "who are ot on this team" im dying 11:55 Glenn31

(Chris) : Which means the only two with votes that count
(Chris) : Are Cody and Dawn

11:55 Lettucecow Skipp: *conf* I dunno what that cody guy did, But I think he stole the stuff, *down an energy drink*

(cody) Why me?

11:56 Glenn31

(Chris) : It's a tie
(Chris) : So who's in the mood for a tiebreaker?

11:56 The Villainous Vulture

(Dawn) : I'm gonna go stroke a bunny  (derp)

11:56 You're Irrelevant. me 11:56 Glenn31

(Chris) : Not me
(Chris) : So how about
(Chris) : We send them BOTH packing?

11:56 Lettucecow

(cody) wat

11:56 Glenn31 I couldn't think of a tiebreaker I'm sorry

(Chris) : Cody, Dawn, to the Lame-o-sine

11:57 The Villainous Vulture

(Dawn) : ALLAHU AKBAR! *Runs into the forest*

11:57 Lettucecow

(cody) Fine.

11:57 Glenn31

(Chris) : Didn't you two date befo- oh bye

11:57 Lettucecow

(cody) BUT.
(cody) Hes a-

11:57 Glenn31

(Chef) : *shoves Cody into the limo*

11:57 Lettucecow

(cody) GOD DAMMIT!

11:57 The Villainous Vulture k I gtg so 11:57 Glenn31

  • limo drives off af*

11:57 The Villainous Vulture I'll be back in like. half an hour Bai 11:57 Glenn31

(Mal) : *as Mike*  (twitch)

11:58 You're Irrelevant. tit lick titlick licktit 11:58 Glenn31

(Chris) : Our first double elimination

11:58 Lettucecow Skipp: *conf* What did that guy mean by THAT? IS MIKE AN ALIEN DOLPHIN FROM THE FUTURE??? 11:58 Glenn31

(Chris) : But will it be the last?
(Chris) : Who knows? Who cares!?
(Chris) : See you next time on Total
(Chris) : Drama
(Chris) :Action!