Team Hero
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Eliminated The Bianca in Brianna
Place 12th
Friends Amy, Ella, Jasmine, Sky, Sugar, Mike Scarlett
Enemies Dave, Scott, Brianna
Roleplayer TDfan10

Samey is a contestant in Total Drama Island, not much is known about her besides she is Amy's twin sister

First Series

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island

Samey was introduced as Amy's good counterpart, though she rarely lived up to it and most believe she was the bad twin. Samey made it to the final 3 with Amy and Dave. Dave won.

Second Series

Total Drama Island

For the first two episodes, Samey was played by Boys, then gave her to Queen Sugar.

In Return of the Drama, she is placed on Team Hero, away from her sister, Amy. When her team didn't get enough supplies in the first challenge, she finds a cave for the Heroes to sleep in, sending Team Neutral to elimination.

In The Blue Harvest Moon, Samey is still Amy's servant and is converted to a mean person during the effects of the Blue Harvest Moon. She is safe at elimination, sending Trent home.

In Quest to Cody Island, she is the only person who actually did the challenge for her team, setting explosives everywhere. Her team ended up winning 2nd place.

In The Truth Comes to Light, she is attracted a little to Scott. When the challenge is Truth or Dare, Amy is told to share her feelings about Scott, much to Samey's displeasure. On her turn, Samey chooses truth, and is asked how she feels about Amy, she states that she hates Amy and everything she did to her. Amy has "sympathy" for her, and apologizes. In the end, The Heroes win the challenge, sending Pierre jumping.

In Coco's Revenge, Amy starts being a little mean to Samey again, by knocking her off the mine carts and such. Samey is very angry that Coco stole the money and runs after her. Realizing that there is no speaker in a mine, she gets out of the mine and goes to the control room. There she tackles Coco for the million and wins for her team. She is also upset that Zoey and Jared switch teams, which she and Amy are angry.

In The Cheese Inquisition, my is full time being mean to her again. She is called dumb and a lesser Amy. Samey decides to race for her team. She, Antonio, and Billy race around the island. Billy is manipulated by Vin and Amy by putting cheese in front of him. Samey ends up jumping off the cliff because she can't stop running. Then she flips off Amy and hopes she goes. Instead, Billy is voted off and Vin is disqualified from the game.

In The Chrislympics, Samey gets berries for Team Hero and Team Neutral, not getting any for Team Villain. Mike asked for one, but Samey felt bad and gave one to him. Then Samey states that Mike is cute in the confessional. Amy demanded for some, but Samey ate the rest. She also took up the plate of berries left on the Villains door, by Harold. Then Samey yells at Amy and tells her to be nice, Amy was shocked. In the challenge, she tries to make the villains lose by throwing rocks at Vito, he ends up falling. When Brianna was diving, her suit fell off, so Samey brought her a towel to cover it up. Samey volunteers for pole vaulting, which she does perfectly. Then she stated in the confessional that her dad secretly took her to gymnastics. Samey competes in the next challenge, throwing a rattlesnake at the target, which she does again. Then Samey wins the hurdles for Team Hero and win the challenge.

In The Bianca in Brianna, Samey is yelling and flipping off Amy again. During the Truth or Truth challenge, Samey is told to ask Brianna a question. She asks her if she has any childish qualities, which Brianna tells truthfully. Samey then asks Felix who the most attractive girl on the island is. He states it was his rat cinnamon, which was just aweing to everyone, thinking it was a sexual relationship. While Zoey regained full consciousness, she punches Samey on "accident" because her sister tells her to. Samey is shocked but can't talk straight. The medic gives her new teeth and then slaps Amy and Zoey. Then she screams at Amy and runs off crying. Samey comes back and hears Amy saying that she was perfect. Samey is shocked and tears up. In the end, her team loses and has to go to elimination. She votes Cameron because he does nothing. She is in the bottom two and is eliminated with 4 votes. She then explodes at Brianna and is kicked down the cliff. Brianna realizes the evil and asks to switch. Mike and Brianna switch teams, which Samey is sad of. But Samey never swam away.