Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Eliminated N/A
Place N/A
Relationship Justin (broken up)
Friends Scott
Enemies Zoey, Mike, Gwen, Dawn, Cody, Jo, Izzy, Owen
Roleplayer Glenn31

Mal, labelled The Malevolent One is one of Mike's multiple personalities, and, besides Mike himself, the most prominent. He is a major antagonist of every season he competes in.

First Series

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Mal was brought back due to Mike's exposure to radioactive waste.

In Dakotazoid Mal was originally supposed to be eliminated, though since he was eliminated as Mike, he risked revealling himself to stay in the game

He is attempting to manipulate Brick. He stole 2 of his immunity idols in Brick's Deception. Duncan hit him on the head to make everyone believe that he was back to being Mike, so that he could continue his facade. He was indirectly resonsible for Cameron's elimanation, by giving him a fake immunity idol that Cameron used, and got voted out because it was a fake. After all of his major threats were gone, Mal abandoned his Mike disguise permanently. He continues scheming with Scott until they both reach the final 2, where Scott ultimately emerges as the victor, leaving Mal, as Scott has told him many times, second to him. He seperated from Mike after the final challenge and began a relationship with Justin. He was last seen in the season entering a broom closet with his new boyfriend.

Total Drama All-Stars

n Fight to the Death! Mal somehow ended up back in Mike's head, and since he was the dominant personality before their seperation, he broke free, but Mike was still able to take back control, though not aware of Mal's prescence. Dawn, being able to notice Mal's negative aura, was the first to know for sure that Mal was the one in control. Mal kissed Zoey to try and convince her he was Mike, though he forgot that Zoey remembered Mal's minor feelings for her, making it likely for him to kiss her.

Mal, who has a strong disliking for Zoey, first plans to destroy her relationship with Mike and is considering getting her and Scott back together, though it isn't likely he is as much of a threat as he was in Season 4. He made it to the finale with Evil Cody and Commando Zoey.

Second Series

Mal has yet to appear in the second series.