Team Villain

Team Neutral

Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Relationship TBA
Friends TBA

(TDRT Canon): Cody, Vin, Billy, The Main Heroes (Sometimes)

Enemies TBA

(TDRT Canon): Scott, Brianna, Bianca, Harold, Leonard, Jason, Amy, Scarlett, Max

Roleplayer Vulture

Total Drama Our Way


TDRT Canon

Jared is the insane leader of the "Jared and Co." mercenary team. He constantly clashes with the heroes, working either alone or with other antagonists to kill them. He is shown to be the most competant of the mercenaries, and one of the most vicious and dangerous characters of the series, even beating Bianca (who is considered to be one of the toughest and scariest characters in the canon) in a fight more than once.

Despite this, Jared is a comedic character and is constantly making jokes, controdicting himself and saying and doing things that make no sense. The one role where he was mainly a major threat was in the second TDRT, where he is shown to be the most evil and sadistic out of all the episodes, but even there he is comedic.


TDRT Canon

  • Despite usually being portrayed as a complete monster, like Jason, Jared is actually shown to have remorse, and even regrets many things he's done, shown through certain lines he says and his demenour throughout TDRT 2, where it's implied he hates himself so much that he's almost suicidal.
    • Though like Jason, Jared seems to have a deep hatred for his family.
  • He is shown to have a hopeless crush on Bianca, but due to his constant joking and psychopathic nature, no one else seems to notice.
  • Jared is the most prominant villain in the series, being shown in every TDRT except for V.
  • Jared was locked up in an asylum at the end of TDRT, which is the same one that Jason was incarserated in.
  • Jared has two scars on his face, apparently caused by his uncle, though his stories of how and why it happened are inconsistant.
    • The fact that his stories always vary is a referance to the Joker.