(stop) PLEASE DO NOT TALK (stop)

(Don) : Last time on The Ridonculous Race
(Don) : The Final 6 took part in an insanely long relay race across Greece
(Don) : While Dave formed some new connections, Emma and Kitty broke theirs with him
(Don) : Somehow, Jay managed to cross the finish line before anyone else and won the day for the Adversity Twins

Welcome to the Total Drama Our Way Wiki chat. 5:50 Glenn31

(Don) : And Brianna's love of Starbucks caused her and Bianca to bite the dust
(Don) : My wounds have just about healed from that, so it's almost time to get back to
(Don) : The Ridonculous Race!
(music) Intro  (music)
(stop) TALK  (stop)

5:51 TrueCobalion

(Brick) Jo! Can you believe it?
(Jo) Pfft, what? That we are outnumbered?

5:51 Lettucecow

(jay) *conf* Okay, I'm no optimist...but...that was pretty darn awesome!

5:51 Glenn31

(Amy) : *conf* I can't believe we made the Final 5 without murdering each other

5:51 Lettucecow

(mickey) *conf* How did we even win? I was passed out from blood loss.

5:52 Glenn31

(Amy) : I think we're growing Zoey

5:52 TrueCobalion

(Jo) *conf* Final 5? I can smell the fortunes

5:52 Glenn31

(Dave) : *conf* So now that those two.. things are gone

5:52 You're Irrelevant. Zoey: I guess.. 5:52 Lettucecow

(jay) *conf* Don't tell anyone else....but I accidentally tripped over dave's shoe and faceplanted on the finish line, nobody saw it...thank god.

5:52 You're Irrelevant.

(zoey) the fuck

5:53 Glenn31

(Dave) : *conf* We need to focus on taking down everyone else. There's only strong players left
(Dave) : *conf* ...and the twins
(Dave) : But they'll be a piece of cake to get rid of, right?

^ *conf*

(Amy) : *conf* Aw, we're like totally BFFs  :D

5:53 Lettucecow


5:53 Glenn31

(Dave) : Pfft, they'll be out of here once they stop being useful
(Dave) : *conf* Which isn't too far away. I mean look at them

5:54 Lettucecow

(jay) *seen in the background taking a nasal spray*

5:54 Glenn31

(Emma) : *conf* Dave needs to go. I'm not taking any more chances. If he gets to the finale with us we might not have as good a chance

5:54 Lettucecow

(mickey) *coughs once and gets a nosebleed*
(skipp) *conf* ISEEYOURPOINT.

5:54 TrueCobalion

(Jo) *conf* Being at the final 5 makes me energetic at... my fullest! RAAAGH! *grabs the camera and shakes it violently*

5:54 Glenn31

(Kitty) : *conf* You're right. But how are we gonna do that?
(Emma) : *conf* I have no idea.
(Dave) : *walks over to the twins* Hey guys
(Dave) : Congrats on winning yesterday. That was amazing  (:D)

5:56 Lettucecow

(jay) Thanks!
(mickey) *coughing up blood*

5:56 Glenn31

(Dave) : But don't forget

5:56 Lettucecow


5:56 Glenn31

(Dave) : We helped you, so today you need to help us

5:56 Lettucecow

(mickey) *starts flipping out and runs into a wall and passes out*
(jay) No problem.

5:57 Glenn31

(Dave) : So here's what you're gonna do
(Dave) : We leave right after you

5:57 Lettucecow

(jay) yes?

5:57 Glenn31

(Dave) : So you're gonna let us pass you out, and make sure nobody else gets passed you
(Dave) : Got it?

5:57 TrueCobalion

(Brick) ummm should we get a doctor

5:57 Lettucecow

(jay) Can do!

5:57 Glenn31

(Dave) : Great!

5:57 Lettucecow

(mickey) *choking on his on blood in his sleep*

5:57 TrueCobalion

(Jo) What do you think, soldier? It's just a scrath!

>Scrath 5:58 Lettucecow

(jay) *picks mickey up by his helmet* Hey! Hello?
(mickey) w-what....*cough*

5:58 Glenn31

(Chef) : *puts a band-aid on Mickey's forehead*

5:58 Lettucecow

(jay) we have a job.
(mickey) *conf* I think we might be able to win this!

5:59 Glenn31

(Don) : Alright, it's time to continue
(Amy) : *From outside their conf* HAH! NOT LIKELY!

5:59 Lettucecow

(mickey) *conf* *sigh*

5:59 TrueCobalion

(Brick) Bleh

6:00 Glenn31

(Don) : Today we're going to be leaving Europe and heading all the way down to South Africa
(Amy) : Um don't they have Ebola there  D:

6:00 Lettucecow

(jay) thats WEST africa.

6:00 Glenn31

(Don) : No they do not.

6:00 You're Irrelevant.

(zoey) : Don't say stupid stuff, Amy..

6:00 Glenn31

(Amy) : I can say what I want tyvm

6:01 You're Irrelevant.

(Zoey) : *sighs* Whatever.

6:02 Glenn31

(Don) : First to leave are, surprisingly still, Jay and Mickey
(Tip) : Get to Cape Town in South Africa

6:02 Lettucecow

(jay) Yep! *grabs the tip* lets see..
(jay) I don't know what I expected.
(Jay) *grabs mickey and goes*

6:02 Glenn31

(Dave) : We're next *grabs tip and shuffles past the twins*
(Don) : Hey I didn't say you could g-
(Amy) : We do  (wave)

6:03 You're Irrelevant.

(zoey) : *grabs a tip and runs* Because you're an idiot.

6:03 Glenn31

(Don) : Actually Emma and Kitty are next
(Emma) : *takes the tip from Zoey and departs as fuck*

6:03 You're Irrelevant.

(zoey) : WELL

6:03 Glenn31

(Don) : NOW you can go  :)

6:04 You're Irrelevant.

(zoey) ; *takes another shit bitch tips and runs*

tip* 6:04 Glenn31

(Don) : Brick and Jo are next

6:04 TrueCobalion

(Jo) *grabs Brick and the tip while running as fast as possible*

6:05 Glenn31

(Amy) : *carries Zoey past the asians*
(Emma) : Hey! *runs af*

6:05 Lettucecow vv is coming 6:05 Glenn31 yas 6:05 You're Irrelevant. i know whore 6:05 Glenn31 OH HE DIDN'T FEEL THE NEED TO INFORM ME EH!? 6:05 You're Irrelevant. no 6:05 Glenn31

(Amy) : Hi Jay!  :D

The Villainous Vulture has joined the chat. 6:05 You're Irrelevant. nobody voluntarily speaks to you 6:05 TrueCobalion eyyy 6:05 Lettucecow

(jay) *running with dave* Um...hi?

6:06 Glenn31

(Amy) : We're just gonna pass you out here *runs past them tbh*

6:06 The Villainous Vulture fgts 6:06 TrueCobalion

(Brick) Quick! There they are!

6:06 Lettucecow

(jay) b-but...*sigh*

6:06 The Villainous Vulture Wtf is happening? 6:06 Glenn31

(Amy) : Worst guards ever. I thought I was gonna have to talk them into letting us past

6:06 You're Irrelevant. this is happening 6:06 Glenn31 going to Cape Town af 6:06 Lettucecow they're running to cape town 6:06 Glenn31 Dave is making the twins guard second place so nobody can pass them out they just failed 6:07 You're Irrelevant. ^ Dave is also into dick now 6:07 The Villainous Vulture wat 6:07 Glenn31 wat 6:07 Lettucecow

(mickey) well that didn't work...

6:07 You're Irrelevant. that second message actually was for pm mb mb 6:07 Glenn31

(Amy) : *runs up to Dave* Hai

6:07 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : *Existing?*

6:07 Glenn31

(Amy) : You have very bad guards

6:07 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : Oh good. You're here. Just what I wanted.
(Dave) : And thanks for the obvious statement.

6:08 Glenn31

(Amy) : Well if you want we could leave
(Amy) : *speeds tf up and passes them lol*

6:08 Lettucecow

(jay) *running like 10 feet behind amy and dave * Hey! We're not that slow! *trips over mickey and starts rolling*
(mickey) OW!
(jay) MY LEG

6:08 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : *Facepalm*

6:08 Glenn31

(Don) : Everyone is now reaching Athens Airport, where they'll be booking their own flights to Cape Town

6:09 TrueCobalion shit lag 6:09 Lettucecow

(jay) Ow...*gets up and starts dragging mickey* Sorry dave!

6:09 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : *Gets behind Amy* DITTO!

6:09 TrueCobalion

(Jo) *gets to the airport* So are we

6:09 You're Irrelevant.

(Zoey) : *looks behind her to see dave* OH MY GOD! ITS HIM!

6:09 Lettucecow

(jay) *gets to the airport*

6:10 Glenn31 Flight Attendant: 10 seats on the next flight to Cape Town  :)

(Amy) : Hai alliance buddy  :D

6:10 TrueCobalion

(Jo) *dashes onto the plane*

6:10 You're Irrelevant.


6:10 Lettucecow

(jay) Phew...glad we made it..

6:10 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : *Gets on the lane before anyone can doe*
(Dave) : Dumb bitch.

6:10 Glenn31

(Sierra) : OMYGOD DAVE CAN I HAVE UR AUTOGRAPH *literally runs onto the plane*

6:10 You're Irrelevant.

(zoey) : *gets on awful* Piece of shit.

also* how the fuck 6:11 Glenn31 the summary of Amy and Zoey's relationship 6:11 You're Irrelevant.

  • You're Irrelevant. is also watching su so mb mb

6:11 Glenn31

  • gets on awful*

6:11 The Villainous Vulture Lettuce is lagging af 6:11 Glenn31 ik he told meh Lettucecow has left the chat. 6:11 TrueCobalion

(Jo) Fuck off *grabs Sierra and throws her out of the plane*

6:11 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : Rekt.

6:11 Glenn31

(Sierra) : BUT I'M ON THIS FLIGHT!!! *the door closes*  D:

Lettucecow has joined the chat. 6:11 Glenn31

(Sierra) : Joke's on them
(Sierra) : *pulls a pair of undies out of her bra* I still got his undies

6:12 Lettucecow

(jay) *on the plane*
(mickey) I think I pulled a bone..

6:12 TrueCobalion

(Brick) Was that a good idea?
(Jo) If an annoying bitch is gone, then yes

6:12 Glenn31

(Amy) : *pretty darn pissed that everyone is here*

6:12 Lettucecow

(jay) is that even possible?
(mickey) I don't know

6:12 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : Looks like that backfired, Amy.

6:12 Glenn31

(Amy) : Bite me.
(Kitty) : *pops out of the seat beside Amy and takes a selfie with her*

6:13 Lettucecow

(mickey) *he and jay walk up to dave* Sorry we failed....but...hey...we're all the same flight...eheh..

6:13 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : Oh great, and Kitty is here.
(Dave) : Yeeeeeeeeeeeeey.

6:13 Glenn31

(Sierra) : *falls out of the luggage compartment and lands on Dave's lap* EEEEEE!

6:13 Lettucecow

(jay) 0.0 

6:13 TrueCobalion


6:13 Glenn31

(Don) : The plane has taken off, it's gonna be quite a ling flight to Cape Town

ling ling ling 6:14 You're Irrelevant.

(Zoey) : *glares at Kitty* It's funny that someone's parents would name them after their favorite thing to eat.

6:14 Glenn31

(Kitty) : My name is Katherine wtf

6:14 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : ... *Pushes Sierra off*
(Dave) : *Looks at Amy* ....

6:14 Glenn31

(Dave) : I felt bad about taking them

6:14 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : That was probably the best thing I've ever heard.

6:14 Glenn31 ^ that 6:14 You're Irrelevant.

(zoey) : Maybe they're cannibals? Asians are weird i dunno

6:14 TrueCobalion

(Jo) Thanks for throwin the bitch overboard, Dave.

6:14 Glenn31

(Sierra) : I felt bad about taking them
(Sierra) : So here's your underwear back

6:14 The Villainous Vulture CAN SIERRA JUST NOT BE RELEVANT OKAY THANKS 6:14 TrueCobalion

(Brick) O_O

6:15 Lettucecow

(jay) ....

6:15 You're Irrelevant. ^^ 6:15 Glenn31

(Sierra) : *the floor under her seat collapses and she falls into the cargo hold*

6:15 You're Irrelevant.

(zoey) : *listening to music*

6:15 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : As I was saying Zoey. *Puts up his hand* Nice.

6:15 Glenn31

(Amy) : *Watching TDPI on the TV*

6:15 Lettucecow

(Mickey) *takes several medications*

6:15 Glenn31

(Amy) : Aw this was so cute
(Amy) : When I was awesome

6:15 You're Irrelevant.

(zoey) : *highfives* Thanks.

6:15 Glenn31

(Amy) : And Dave was white

6:16 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : ...

6:16 Lettucecow

(jay) oh hey...theres you getting voted off my that guy who eaten in romania...

6:16 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : That joke isn't even funny anymore.

6:16 Glenn31

(Amy) :  (Derp)
(Amy) : Oh look
(Amy) : There's me returning and murdering that skanky ass Wizard with a bobby pin
(Amy) : Oh they must've edited that part out  (derp)

6:16 Lettucecow

(jay) uh huh....

6:17 Glenn31

(Amy) : *watching her and Dave kiss and gets a little sad because she's a whore*
(Amy) : I miss Scott  ;(

6:17 Lettucecow

(jay) *conf* okay. rule 1. steer clear of amy.

6:17 You're Irrelevant. 6:17 Lettucecow

(mickey) *conf* Agreed.

6:17 You're Irrelevant. always keep this relevant btw 6:17 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : Die in a fire.

6:18 Glenn31

(Amy) : *now watching TDI*

6:18 TrueCobalion

(Jo) *watching TDAS*

6:18 Glenn31


6:18 TrueCobalion

(Jo) Remember that time when...

6:18 Glenn31

(Amy) : Reading books on a rock trying to look hot
(Amy) : But instead he just looked like a lonely Indian in a sweater vest

6:19 You're Irrelevant.

(zoey) : Remember when Amy wasn't as fake as Kylie Jenner? Me neither.

6:19 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : Clearly you don't know how gaining people's trust works.

6:19 Lettucecow


6:19 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : Yep.

6:19 Glenn31

(Amy) : *laughing at Dave being mauled by a snake that one time*

6:19 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : ...
(Dave) : Kill yourself.

6:20 Glenn31

(Amy) : Oh I've tried

6:20 The Villainous Vulture I just thought of something 6:20 You're Irrelevant. no 6:20 The Villainous Vulture Dave was never in TDRT Weird 6:20 Glenn31

(Amy) : *literally crowdsurfs to the Don Box*

6:20 You're Irrelevant. when have we done tdrt recently enough for you to realize that 6:21 Glenn31

(Tip) : Find a boat and get out to sea

6:21 The Villainous Vulture There IS such a thing as long term memory, Boys 6:21 Glenn31 now now 6:21 Lettucecow

(Jay) *reading a tip* Wow....thats....uh....something.

6:22 Glenn31

(Amy) : Zoey can you float?

6:22 You're Irrelevant.

(zoey) : Find a fucking boat, you whore.

6:22 TrueCobalion

(Jo) *reading tip*

6:22 You're Irrelevant.

(zoey) : *walks away to find shit*

6:22 Glenn31

(Amy) : I just want to save time

6:22 TrueCobalion

(Brick) I have an idea!

6:22 Glenn31

(Emma) : *sails away on a literal yacht*
(Amy) : How the fuck

6:23 TrueCobalion

(Jo) *grabs a plank of wood* Is this a boat
(Brick) Fuck it we'll use it.

6:23 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : *Hops on a speedboat* Fags. *Goes away because fuck you*

6:23 Lettucecow

(jay) *seen talking to man, handing him some food, then getting on a boat*
(jay) *conf* Most of fishermen here don't make a good living, so they rent their boats out for short periods of time for food.

6:23 Glenn31

(Amy) : *pulls Zoey into a rowboat and rows like a mofo*

6:24 Lettucecow

(mickey) so....what do we do now  :/

6:24 You're Irrelevant.

(zoey) : *slams her fist into amy's literal face* DON'T. Pull me.

6:24 Lettucecow

(jay) the tip didn't say.

6:24 Glenn31

(Amy) : *her face makes a squishing sound*
  • a helicopter flies over them*
(Don) : *gets lowered down on a ladder* Welcome to Cape Town!
(Amy) : We're actually in Cape Middle of the fucking ocean but ok

6:25 TrueCobalion

(Jo) We didn't even move a fucking mile
(Brick) I'm starting to contemplate my decision

6:26 Glenn31

(Don) : So as I'm sure you know, Cape Town is one of the busiest ports in South Africa

6:26 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : Why do we care?

6:26 Lettucecow

(jay) time filler?

6:26 Glenn31

(Don) : Because today, you will all be importing

6:26 TrueCobalion

(Jo) Importing what? Shit?

6:27 Lettucecow

(jay) probably fish.

6:27 Glenn31

(Don) : Just a few miles out, a cargo ship has run out of fuel
(Don) : So you'll all be taking some of it's supplies and bringing it to the harbour
(Amy) :  (twitch) We're on a fucking rowboat

6:27 Lettucecow

(jay) oh...thats not hard!

6:27 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : I don't think you know what importing actually is. What you're asking us to do is smuggling.

6:27 TrueCobalion

(Jo) Where is said ship? We're on a fucking plank for gods sake

6:28 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : Which I'm perfectly fine with.

6:28 Lettucecow

(mickey) perks of being on a fishing boat.

6:28 You're Irrelevant.

(zoey) : I had just found a nice large motorboat but nooo, you pulled me onto this piece of shit.

6:28 Glenn31

(Don) : The ship is a few miles thataway

6:28 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : Well Zoey, you two are welcome to hop onto ours.

6:28 Glenn31

(Amy) : Stop trying to steal my partner
(Amy) : And... subtly flirt with her?

6:28 Lettucecow

(jay) Yeah! Nothing can stop us! *a giant octopus jumps out of the water* is that...
(mickey) ....

6:29 TrueCobalion

(Jo) *rows thataway*

6:29 Lettucecow

(MICKEY) *it latches onto him and starts punching him*

6:29 Glenn31

(Don) : Once you've returned your cargo, you'll need to get to the chill zone at Cape Town City Hall
(Don) : GO!
(Amy) : *rows af*

6:29 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : It was a friendly gesture. Notice how I said you TWO.

6:29 You're Irrelevant.

(zoey) : *pushes Amy into the water, and hops onto Dave's boat* Thank you.

6:29 Glenn31


6:29 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : Meh, I have no arguments. *Speeds off*

6:29 Lettucecow

(jay) Meh. *starts driving the ship while mickey is getting beaten to a pulp in the background*

6:30 Glenn31

(Amy) : *is literally alone* Well fuck everybody
(Amy) : *rows af to the cargo ship*
(Emma) : There it is!

6:30 TrueCobalion

(Jo) The cargo!

6:30 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : *Speeds up to that ship tho* Skipp, I'll stay here and guard the boat, you get one of the cargo boxes for us.

6:31 Lettucecow

(jay) *reaches the ship*

6:31 TrueCobalion

(Brick) *grabs some heavy box* I got one!

6:31 Lettucecow

(skipp) RIGHT-O!

6:31 Glenn31

(Emma) : *gets a box*

6:31 TrueCobalion

(Brick) Whoah! Wahhh! *crashes onto the plank*

6:31 Lettucecow

(skipp) *gets a box and throws it on the ship*

6:31 Glenn31

(Amy) : *panting as she arrives at the boat* Get. Cargo. Kill. Zoey.

6:31 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : Grab one more, for Zoey.

6:31 TrueCobalion

(Jo) FUUUUUUGOESJJLFJSLE *flies into the sky*

6:31 Lettucecow

(jay) *Gets a box and slowly pushes it onto the boat*

6:31 You're Irrelevant.

(Zoey) : *also grabs one*

6:31 Lettucecow

(skipp) *gets another one*

6:31 TrueCobalion

(Brick) Oops. *rows after Jo slower than a snail*

6:31 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : Meh. *Drives off doe*

6:31 Glenn31

(Amy) : *gets a box and goes back to the boat*
(Emma) : *drives off*

6:32 Lettucecow

(jay) *drives off*
(mickey) *getting pummeled still*

6:32 Glenn31

(Emma) : *speeds past Dave*

6:32 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : K.

6:32 Lettucecow

(skipp) MAXIMUM...

6:32 Glenn31

(Amy) : *rowing like a fucking mofo*

6:32 Lettucecow

(skipp) OVERDRIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6:32 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : *Literally chucks the extra box Skipp grabbed at Emma's head tho*

6:33 Glenn31

(Emma) : AIIE! *ducks*

6:33 TrueCobalion

(Jo) *crashes into the harbor, getting fatal head trauma*

6:33 Lettucecow

(skipp) *jumps off the boat, and starts sanic swimming to push the boat faster*

6:33 TrueCobalion

(brick) Jo! Oh my god theres blood!

6:33 Glenn31

(Amy) : *finally catches tf up with Dave's boat and wraps a chain around one of the poles on it* There  :)

6:33 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : Heh heh, no. *Pulls it off*

6:33 Lettucecow

(mickey) OW OW OW OW OW! *rips the octopus off of him, and it flies way and lands on amy*

6:34 Glenn31

(Amy) : Hey, if you help Zoey, you have to help the whole team or it's pointless

6:34 TrueCobalion

(Brick) *tries to swim all the way*

6:34 Glenn31

(Amy) : Zoey if you get to the chill zone without me you have to wait!

6:34 You're Irrelevant.

(zoey) : ...true..

6:34 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : Bah, fine. Get on.

6:34 Glenn31

(Amy) : *hops on with her box* Yo

6:34 The Villainous Vulture

(Dave) : *Speeds dat shit to max*

6:34 Lettucecow

(skipp) *sanic swimming while pushing the boat*

6:34 Glenn31

(Emma) : Do we have weapons?
(Kitty) : On a yacht?
(Emma) : That a no?
(Kitty) : Yes

6:35 TrueCobalion

(Jo) ughhuuuuuuuuuuuuu
(Brick) *grabs Jo* WAKE UP BITCH I CANT SWIM!

6:35 Glenn31

(Emma) :There was literally a navy cruiser at that harbor

6:35 TrueCobalion

(Brick) *falls in the water* WHY

6:35 Glenn31

(Amy) : there's the shore!

6:36 Lettucecow

(skipp) *pushes the boat so hard, it flips over and lands on the shore*

6:36 TrueCobalion

(Brick) *squirming with Jo as a squid is strangling his face*

6:36 Lettucecow

(skipp) ooops....

6:36 Glenn31

(Amy) : *runs off with her box*

6:36 TrueCobalion

(Brick) We're out... now... GRRRR!

6:36 Lettucecow

(skipp) *runs onto the shore with and catches up with dave and amy etc*

The Villainous Vulture has left the chat. 6:36 TrueCobalion

(Brick) *runs onto the shore*

6:37 Lettucecow

(jay) *docks and gets off*

6:37 Glenn31 kbye

(Dave) : *running with his box tbh*
(Amy) : *drops her and Zoey's box at the place*

6:37 You're Irrelevant.

(Zoey) : *arrives at the place too*

6:37 Glenn31

(Emma) : *literally drives the yacht up onto the beach and throws her box*

6:37 Lettucecow

(jay) *arrives*

6:38 TrueCobalion

(Brick) *arrives with Jo*

6:38 Lettucecow

(jay) *drops his box*

6:38 Glenn31

(Dave) : *runs past Amy*
(Amy) : hgdfdkjhjfjdhgjfjndjsjnfgh

6:38 TrueCobalion

(Brick) It was long trip! *gives broken box*
(Brick) Wait...
(Brick)  D: THE BOX!

6:38 Glenn31

(Dave) : *arrives at the chill zone*
(Amy) : *same*

6:38 Lettucecow

(jay) *him and mickey arrive*

6:38 Glenn31

(Don) : Oooo, close
(Don) : Twins take first place again

6:39 Lettucecow

(jay) ...what

6:39 Glenn31

(Don) : You two, 10 minute penalty for boat sharing
(Dave) : WHAT

6:39 Lettucecow

(jay) ....
(jay) *conf* OH MY GOD
(mickey) *conf* WE'RE AWESOME! *faints from happiness*

6:39 TrueCobalion

(Jo) How bout.... usssss *falls unconscious on the already broken box*

6:39 Glenn31

(Emma) : *arrives*
(Don) : Sisters 2nd

6:40 TrueCobalion

(Brick) Umm hello?
(Brick) Are we invisible?

6:40 Glenn31

(Don) : Brick and Jo have 8 minutes before the penalty runs out

6:40 You're Irrelevant.

(zoey) : *conf* I was trying to snag an extra box from them until you messed us up.
(zoey) : *Conf* Plus Dave is nice.

6:41 TrueCobalion

(Brick) Fine I'll get another box! *runs off to find another box*

6:41 Lettucecow .. okay I'm not lagging' 6:41 Glenn31 . 6:41 Lettucecow good 6:41 Glenn31 suddenly neither am i? 6:41 You're Irrelevant. Welcome back, Glennjamine 6:41 Glenn31

(Amy) : *conf* NIICE?!

6:42 You're Irrelevant. Glennjamin* 6:42 Glenn31

(Amy) : *conf* HE'S EEEEEVIL!

6:42 TrueCobalion not me anymore 6:42 You're Irrelevant.

(zoey) : B-bitch d-did I-I s-stutter?

6:42 Glenn31

(Don) : 5 minutes left
(Don) : Brick and Jo had better hurry their butts

6:42 TrueCobalion

(Brick) I got the box!
(brick) I just gotta get this squid off my face!
(Brick) *wrestles with the squid*

6:43 Glenn31


6:43 TrueCobalion

(Brick) FINEEEE *puts box on chillzone with ink all over*

6:43 You're Irrelevant. TRUE ITS A REWARD CHALLENGE JUST GET TO THE PLACE 6:43 Glenn31

(Don) : Well I guess that works

tf Boys 6:44 You're Irrelevant. omfg 6:44 Glenn31

(Don) : 1 minute left
(Amy) : *taps her foot*

6:44 TrueCobalion wtf your icon

(Brick) *gets to chillzone*
(Brick) FINALLY!?

6:44 Glenn31

(Dave) : *Shoves Amy and Zoey and dives on the chill zone*

6:44 Lettucecow

(skipp) *same*

6:44 Glenn31

(Amy) : ...
(Amy) : ..........
(Amy) : ..................................

6:44 Lettucecow

(skipp) HALOSERS

6:44 You're Irrelevant.

(zoey) :  (twitch)

6:45 Glenn31

(Don) : Amy and Zoey
(Don) : I'm sorry to say

6:45 You're Irrelevant.

(zoey) : *still twitching doe*  (twitch)

6:45 Lettucecow

(skipp) OHCRAP

6:45 Glenn31

(Amy) : Why are YOU twitching?
(Amy) : It's your fault

6:45 You're Irrelevant.

(zoey) ; *grabs amy by the throat* Not. Now.

6:46 Lettucecow vv's power went out 6:46 Glenn31

(Amy) : *casually choking* Could you.. not?

lel 6:46 You're Irrelevant. mr 6:46 Glenn31

(Don) : So our red bombshells almost bit the dust
(Don) : But sadly, they didn't
(Don) : Tune in next time, where somebody WILL be eliminated
(Don) : Until then, I'm Don
(Don) : And this is
(Don) : The Ridonculous Race!
(stop) THIS EPISODE IS OVER  (stop)