Deadly Dogs
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Green
Place Total Drama Island: TBA
Relationship Trent (Broken Up)
Friends Courtney
Enemies Chris, Trent, Duncan & Heather


Hijotee's RP

Dakota is a contestant on Total Drama Island. She is placed on the Deadly Dogs, much to her displeasure. Dakota is portrayed by Coolboy87. Dakota was eliminated and placed 34th. She returned near post-merge in Total Drama Action.

Total Drama Island

In Drown or No Drown Dakota is one the first to drool at Al. She can be fiesty as shown when she wanted Alejandro to herself, this leads to her and Courtney getting into a conflict. When Chris is about to announce the teams, Dakota insists that her made up team should be near her. Dakota takes Alejandro's words seriously and in the confessional is completly shocked that Al's a villain.

Dakota moans at her being named a Deadly Dog, she also moans again and then says she will do the challenge. Dakota jumps off the cliff with Alejandro catching her. Dakota gushes over Alejandro before seeing a shark.

During the second challenge Dakota runs very slowly and tells everyone to wait. Later, Dakota is seen trying to get attention, due to her finishing. Dakota is seen being sarcastic at the fact that her team won, it is evident that all she wants is a photo-shoot.

In iPhone 5 Search Dakota's first concern is unsuprisingly hair. Dakota once again wants Alejandro to herself and when Alejandro compliments Courtney and not her Dakota gets jealous. In the confessional she calls Alejandro mean and accuses him of only focusing on Courtney. When Dakota is kicked by Courtney she cries out in pain. Dakota sees Heather's name polish and instantly likes it and asks where it's from. Dakota suggests Heather try Gold-Mine.

Cody 2 thinks Dakota purposely wanted a hard hint as Dakota accidentally said the wrong one. Once Chris gives a hint, Dakota encourages her team to run to the cliff.

Dakota tries to grab the phone off of Trent, and suceeds in catching it when Trent tries to throw it at Chris. Dakota, along with Beth gasps once Chris stops everyone. Dakota is sad that her team lost and pleads to Chris that it should be a reward.

Dakota is annoyed when Chris won't let her team have a reward challenge. When Chris reveals that Justin could be safe, Dakota calls it unfair. Dakota thinks that Chris loving Justin is unexpected. Dakota says that she voted and and agrees with Cody 2 when he says to hurry up the elimination. Dakota protests that she needs her nails done along with her portrait. Dakota is shown to be happy when she is revealed to be safe. When Courtney is thought to be eliminated. Dakota corrects the mistake. Dakota then remembers she accidentally had voted Alejandro and could've been the possible cause for his elimination.

In this episode, Boney Island's Hair, Dakota moans and wants more sleep. Dakota quickly demands to be switched. Trent also wants to be switched. Dakota jeers that she and Trent want to be switched. Once she knows she isn't getting Chris's attention she starts to yell at him. Chris dosen't let the switch commence and Eva due to all the noise, goes outside. Eva wants them to switch and threatens to make Justin ugly. Chris pays no attention to Eva's threat. Dakota cheers on Justin to kiss Chris. Dakota then reveals she dosen't want to be switched as her team is awesome.

When Chris explains the challenge (Cutting Lindsay hair) Dakota dosen't seem bothered and notes that she will then be the prettiest. Dakota gives Lindsay a wig and cuts off Lindsay hair. She forgets where to go and has to be reminded by Eva. Eva later throws Dakota in the same boat as Trent and Heather. Dakota commands Trent to get out of her boat. Trent mentions Dakota when he wants to switch. Dakota chills in her boat and sings a small song about herself in the boat. Dakota then moans at Heather because she wants Heather and Trent out of her boat. Dakota tries another attempt at getting Heather and Trent out of her boat, but like before, Dakota fails. Dakota and Heather are the first to try to run to the caves. Just when Dakota compliments Heather, she sees a Woolly Beaver.

Dakota jumps on the Woolly Beaver and Heather runs to Eva. Eva is curious of Dakota's current setting. Eva runs back and grabs Dakota. The Sasquatch knocks Eva out, Dakota is annoyed at Eva being knocked out and realizes that the Sasquatch will probably target her next. Dakota offers a piece of Lindsay's hair. Dakota is soon in the Sasqutch's mouth. Cody 2 mistakes Lindsay for Dakota. Dakota corrects Cody 2 and reminds him it was infact Lindsay who went bald. Dakota tries to tell Chris that the Sasquatch ate Lindsay's hair. Dakota tells Chris to help her knock out the creature before Dakota gets her daddy to sue Chris. Courtney laughs at Dakota's misfortune. While Trent tries to save Dakota he ends up almost drowning. The Sasquatch finds it's way on land and grabs Dakota. Sam yells Dakota's name once Dakota announces she will save Trent.

Bridgette saves Trent and The Sasquatch throws Dakota into the water, she then remembers that she can't swim. Dakota is sad that her didn't get first. Dakota calls Courtney mean and Chris says Deadly Dogs are suckish team. Dakota suddenly begs Chris to let Trent on her team.

Courtney and Dakota end up in the bottom 2 and Dakota is shocked that she hadn't been decared safe already. When Dakota is safe she calls Courtney a meanie and waves goodbye to her in a taunting way.

In Treasure Diving, Dakota hears and asks about a ringing noise, only to be ignored. When Chris tell everyone to meet him at the Cafeteria, Dakota cannot pronounce it and she says she hates the place. Dakota does walk to the Cafeteria.

When there she asks Trent what's happening, Trent replies by acknowledging Dakota, Heather points out that she thought Trent had switched. Dakota dosen't want to eat Chef's food, she eats one spoolfull and shoves the rest into Trent's plate. Trent pukes on Dakota but apologizes. However Dakota still calls Trent mean and says he puked on her clothes. Dakota then yells and informs Chef that she 'finished.' Then when almost everyone is puking Dakota is disgusted, soon she pukes herself. Dakota reveals that she can hear every confessional, she uses the term stalk. Dakota cheers at Trent being switched, saying she wants to see more Heather and Trent romance.

After Chris announces the challenge, Dakota realizes she can't swim and she begins to drown. Dakota saves herself off screen and she asks Heather and Trent if the two are her besties. They reply with mixed emotions. When Trent pointed out there was a shark behind Heather, Dakota, after asking if the two were her besties, sent the shark off. Dakota expresses her annoyance one she finds out her team has once again lost. Once Cody shares the I-pods Dakota calls the pink one instantly. She commands Heather and Trent to high-five her and once again calls them "Besties."

In Trent Descent, Heather mentions Dakota to Trent, Dakota compliments the two but realizes she complimented Trent a lot more than she did with Heather, to cover this up she claims she meant to compliment Heather. Trent fails at talking to Dakota. Dakota calls Heather and tells her to get her boyfriend. When Heather questions Dakota's words, Dakota sticks to her word. After both Heather and Trent don't have a boyfriend, Dakota calls them lovebirds. Dakota tries to get Trent and Heather together by telling Trent, who is in denial, that Heather said she liked him. Dakota adds to let Heather deny this fact. When Trent continues to deny it, Dakota stresses that she is being serious.

Dakota and Heather have conversations about which one of them should date Trent. When Heather tells Dakota that Trent likes her, Dakota cheekily adds that he loves Heather. Dakota warns Trent in a confessional that she can hear every confessional. When someone asks when do the challenges start, Dakota replies with a straight answer; now. Dakota then reveals to Heather that she likes Trent, upon realizing Heather isn't listening she calls out Heather's name.

Heather tries to pursuade Dakota to ask Trent out, Dakota argues that she (Heather) also likes Trent. Heather uses the term if she likes him she isn't ready to date. A hesitant Dakota becomes confident and during the challenge she cheers on Trent. Heather tells Trent to do it for Dakota, Trent does this, much to the happiness of Dakota. Dakota coos at Tyler being a chicken, possibly mocking him. When Izzy does the same, she jinxs's Izzy. Dakota then blurts out to Trent that the two are now dating. While Trent is okay with this, Dakota asks Heather if she is.

Heather reassures Dakota that she is okay. Dakota then tells Trent to squash Izzy like a bug. Dakota in confessional, dosen't realize that Heather had heard Dakota. So, Dakota plans not to tell Heather that the two are dating, despite that she already knows. When Trent is almost beat, Dakota tries to encourage Trent even more. Heather mentions that she is happy for Dakota and Trent. Dakota screams in despair when Trent looses the challenge. Dakota and Heather save Trent, Dakota expresses her concern once seeing that Trent is unconscious. Right before elimination, Dakota remembers the first episode and calls it cool when Chris reveals it has been broadcast and is now on YT. Dakota notes that she voted and thinks she isn't on the dogs but she is on Team Pretty. At elimination, Dakota cheers once she is safe.

In Episode 6, Dakota calls Trent awesome. While Heather mentions Dakota in a confessional and admits that she wants to be with Trent. Dakota, overhearing this, continues to try and get her attention. With Eva inteferring and calling Dakota a name once doing so, however she fails at getting Heather's attention. She argues that Trent is hers and only hers. She then tries to get Trent's attention. Dakota likes Chef's food and rages at Heather when she isn't eating any. Dakota is slightly angry when seeing that Trent is blushing upon hearing that Heather may actually like him.

Dakota hears Trent's confessional, which reduces her to tears as she follows Chris' instruction. (To go to the cabin.) When Trent finally notices Dakota's state, he is obviously concerned, Dakota reveals that she heard the confessional. Dakota accuses Heather of brain washing her, "Trenty Wenty". Katie tries to make Dakota go bald, but fails. Dakota follows Chris into the woods and awaits the challenge.

Dakota mishears Chris and asks Trent to be her boat buddy to which Trent is okay with. Dakota is shocked when Chris reveals that there is 15 people per canoe. Dakota commands the villains to come to her. Dakota is happy when Chris explains why there is a gasoline tank on the Dogs boat. Dakota continues to lead the team and gets then to row. Dakota is again mentioned by a sobbing Heather but before that she defends Trent. Dakota is scared once Chris reveals everyone went without his permission. Dakota feeling that she is a candidate for elimination, promises she will be nicer if she gets to stay.

She scolds Lightning as he is messing the engine. She answers a question issued by Trent. She later blames Lightning as a result of them going too fast. Dakota cries out in excitment because the Dogs have completed their second lap. After Cody 2, or Evil Cody, destroy's the gasoline engine the villains go slower and are just a mere meter away from comleting the challenge. Dakota encourages the team to lean. Chris is shocked when Dakota's tactic works and announces that the villains are on there last lap. Dakota quickly continues to encourage her team as they are close to finishing the challenge. Dakota is chilled because her team have won the challenge.

Dakota asks Trent if he wants to kiss, and they kiss. Until Eva throws Trent in the water, Heather is devasted at the fact. Dakota laughs at Heather's confessional in glee. Later, Trent wants to break up with Dakota, with him also saying he cannot take Heather ignoring him. Dakota treats this casually and tells Trent that she never actually loved him. She is thought to have completed the second challenge as her team won the second challenge. She is silent for the remainder of the episode. In the next episode, she is first seen in the confessional, saying how she only wanted to please her small minority of fans by saying that she was going to backstab Heather and play Trent. She complains about asking Heather many times about dating Trent, to which Heather said she wasn't ready to date. Also, Dakota wonders why Trent says he loves Heather and before that dates her. She also admits that she really did love Trent and she reminds everyone she has feelings too. She also wants to make friends with the newly returned Courtney, due to her having more enemies than friends currently. Also, to finish she points out she will focus on the game and not boys and tells the viewers she will forget about Trent.

Dakota wakes up and storms past Heather, purposely stepping on her foot in the process. Sierra tells her competitors that she wants to peg Dakota. Heather, still in the cabin sees spiders in her bed and blames Dakota. Dakota, unlike many of her competitors is okay with the challenge. She does say hi to Lindsay and continuously tries to do the challenge.

Also, Dakota finishes the second challenge, with her not being able to see as SOMETHING blocks her view. Chris compliments Dakota, and tells her along with everyone else that she has a point. Dakota is next seen complimenting Beth, Dakota isn't effected once Chris reveals that the Cutie Cats win, in fact she wants to know who gets second. Dakota on the cat walk knows she looks horrible, but she earns a nine for her team. Dakota is disgusted when Chris says Cody looks good and is annoyed when Chris plays a joke on everyone and tricks everyone into thinking there is an elimination.

In Saving Private Paintball Dakota is called nice by Beth. Dakota makes a confessional and it is evident that she is acting as if Trent dosen't exsist. She goes to Courtney and tries to make amends. She reminds Courtney of there conflict and offers a truce. Courtney accepts this with an evil grin on her face. Dakota sees that smile and points out that being mean was what got Courtney eliminated. Dakota declines Chef's offer but is interested once Chef states the episode will be special. Dakota is disgusted at the fact of eating Denny's but has a liking to it once trying it. Dakota and Courtney try to converse only for it to end arkwardly.

When at the forest Courtney accidentally calls Dakota her BFF, Dakota hears this and is exstatic. Dakota calls to the attention that if they do paintball her clothes will be ruined. When Courtney calls her clothes ugly, she starts to fake cry and calls Courtney mean. Dakota asks what a paintball is soon after. Courtney calls Dakota annoying and Dakota weakly replies. When Chris asks if everyone is ready, Dakota absentmindedly replies that she dosen't know. Dakota is confused at how to work the paintball gun. Dakota runs off not knowing where she is going. Dakota is almost shot by Izzy. She calls Izzy's aim stupid. Izzy later targets Dakota again and this time dosen't miss.

Thinking Coutney shot the paintball she calls her mean. She also cheers on her team and thinks a new couple will spark. Dakota is skeptical that Lightning is a star. Scott shoots Dakota again, making Chris and Dakota remind him that she was already out. Dakota is called hot by Lightning once he interrupts her confessional. Dakota cries out and reminds everyone Scott shot his own teammate.

She goes to Lightning and the two converse. Dakota cheers when Chris reveals her team have won. Also, when Chris calls an "Emmet" annoying. Dakota is at first confused until she realizes Chris is talking about an intern. Dakota also calls Lightning not her type, when Lightning takes a hit for Dakota as someone was going to hit her with paintball, Lightning arrogantly worries about his shirt. Which Dakota thinks is typical for him.

At the elimination she calls Mike a flirt. When Staci is happy that Katie is safe, Dakota reminds Staci that she could still go. Dakota does bid Staci farewell, albeit quickly.

In Standing Your Stand Dakota dosen't say much, she tells everyone to move and moments after she complains about her legs. After being kicked by Katie she tells Katie that she almost got her out. Dakota asks about Trent and then she does moan about her being bored and accuses Sierra of cheating once Sierra had made Dakota loose the challenge. Courtney is seen glaring at Dakota for an unknown reason. For the rest of the episode she is silent.

Apparently in Funny Talent Show Dakota has given Heather evil stares and thrown her shoe at Heather. Just after Courtney is mad at Dakota who keeps pestering Courtney. Then Heather tries to be nice to Dakota, only for her to growl at Heather. Izzy and Dawn do not seem happy with Dakota, who breaks down and starts to sob. Sierra mentions Dakota in a confessional, saying that she wants her gone. Heather again tries to aplogize to Dakota, who calls it "late" and she argues that she is currently emotional. Courtney vows to change Dakota's current reputatation, she cities it as a challenge.

Dakota assumes (as they are at the Camp Auditorium) that today's challenge will be an acting challenge. She tells everyone she loves acting. Not getting Noah's sarcasm, she tells Noah this challenge won't end well. Dakota refuses to do the challenge but tries to get Courtney to do it in her place. Dakota wonders what to do when she is up first, however she trips and kisses Blaineley, Beth tries to help but ends up kicking Chef in the balls. Dakota earns a high score from the judges. Dakota is disgusted at the fact that she kissed Blaineley. She and Beth cheer once hearing of her highscore.

Courtney's new perception of Dakota changes again. Dakota is called "dumb and scary." Dakota gives Harold a minus one. Although she knew her score wouldn't be scared. Dakota dosen't believe Evil Cody once he says he has something funny. She even yawns at this. Dakota in a confessional jokingly says she would like to see Cody perform. Dakota tells Chris that he made the challenge up. She dosen't find the challenge that interesting.

When Noah continues Dakota warns him that Chris could deduct points. When Eva points out Izzy stole her joke. Dakota tries to piece it together. Dakota realizes she is now 3rd is the challenge, once Izzy earns more points than her. As Chris is taking so long counting everything up, Dakota is one of the many who demand to know who won.

After her team has lost, Dakota is saddened and shocked by this fact. At elimination she thinks she will go. Many of her fellow contestants agree with her. When Harold changes the votes, Dakota realizes this and notes that he has skills until she forgets about him changing the votes. Dakota gets up before Chris announces who goes, Dakota does wave goodbye to Trent once he is thought to go. Dakota is in shock when Trent pulls out the idol and hopes for a non elimination. Dakota knows she isn't getting one and bids everyone farewell. When Trent gets to decide who leaves it is infact Dakota who he chooses, Dakota apologizes to Trent and runs off sobbing. Chris does bid farewell to Dakota, although he does so in a sarcastic way.

In Fear Facing Chris mentions that Dakota was eliminated last episode while doing the recap. Later Trent is thought to be relieved at Dakota's departure due to him mentioning her in the confessional.

In the finale, she first tells Cody (whom she could be supporting) to hurry up. When Evil Cody wonders which Cody she is talking too she later calls them both losers and dosen't know which Cody she was talking too. Furthermore, She is obviously bored and asks, "OMG, how long does it take to ride a hamster." Due to the earlier comment,Cody reminds Dakota of her early elimination. Dakota reminds Cody he thinks he is something, she confuses Antagonists for an actual ant, Beth corrects her on this. Referring to Eva as Godzilla she dosen't remember a moment when she was nice.

Dakota angrily assumes that Evil Cody is not in the lead. Heather offers an apology, ignoring Heather, she calls this a suck fest and asks when her and the others get to leave.

Duncan starts to bully Dakota and hurdles a log into her face. Only just after. Heather wants to confirm the status of the two. Dakota, however is still hurt from the effect of a log in her face. In a confessional she selfishly asks if still looks pretty, as she demands an answer, a scar is seen on her face.

She finally answers Heather's question and confirms that they are friends, she does also note that she was so mean this season. (At first she accidentally says "last season" however soon after she corrects herself.) Duncan informs Dakota that she is really pretty and then throws another log in her face, this time her a few of her teeth are knocked out, leaving her with a lisp. In a subsquent confessional her lisp starts and she is then handed make up, miraculously making her lisp instantly disappear.

Dakota is in shock when the supposed winner of the season is announced, however she does forget who she rooted for.

Dakota then kisses Duncan, (to distract him) and calls im "hot-stuff" in the process. She then, once the real winner is announced she beats Duncan senselessy and calls him ugly. Dakota asks why Duncan is such a mean person. She calls him public enemy number 1. As Chris begins to sign off she wants to know who gets into season 2. Dakota is confused when the real Evil Cody has been sent back to his time. (A robot that looked like him did the finale in his place.) Dakota along with Beth are curious to know who is in next season. They stay silent once Chris concludes the episode.

Total Drama Action

Eva mentions her in Alien Inventions And notes that she should be happy that she isn't back for another season.

In The Laugh of Cody! after Heather was eliminated, she came back.

In NCL: National Chris League, Dakota reveals before she came, the season sucked in her opinion, she waves to her fans is sad that she didn't earn her place in the final 10, unlike others. She is curious (during the recap) about today's challenge and genre.

Trent mentions her, saying he is happy, Dakota and him are friends, as opposed to last season.

Dakota offers to be the goalie, many times, and later insists that she is correct, even to the point where Scott corrects her (about there not being goalie's in football), however she refuses to believe him and him and Trent eventually tease her about her lack of sports knowledge. Dakota was helping the other team, much to the shock of others, as she was revealed to be a hero at elimination. Despite this she is safe, and isn't shocked about her heroic status.

In Merging is The End, Dakota wakes up, happy about her good sleep, as soon as Chris announces the genre, Dakota is slightly shaken. She is consistently targeted, much to her annoyance and Trent promises to protect her.

Dakota tries to quit at the ceremony, but is not allowed to, and thus, she merges, while Eva does not.


  • 1x01 - Drown Or No Drown
  • 1x02 - I Phone5 Search
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  • Despite swimming to shore in the first episode, Dakota is shown not being able to swim in the later episodes.
  • She is the first female to get into a relationship.