Disgraceful Directors
Gender Male
Hair color Blond
Eliminated "The Good, the Bad, and the Beth"
Place 14th
Friends Cody, DJ, Mike, Owen
Enemies Beth,Vin

Cooper is an oc, and is labeled: "The Nice Loser". He appeared in the first 7 episodes of TDA.


Cooper is nice and sweet to an almost disgusting level, he is nice to, and trusts everyone he meets, which makes him an ally to any maniuplator. He is Very neat and Orderly and perfers everything he has to be folded and arranged. He has a weak stomach and gets grossed out easily, as seen in the first 2 episodes as he gets grossed out by beth. He easily thinks people with quirks are crazy, but doesn't really express his feelings. He is an optimist, and is Almost never dissaponted for more then intial shock. He is very easy to befriend and tends to overlook peoples bad qualities.