Neutral Team

The Assassins

Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Eliminated TDI-N/A

RR-"Papal Panic"

Place TDI- 1st


Friends Antonio, Vin, Billy, Pierre, Dave, Brianna, Felix, Cooper,Jared
Enemies Noah, Bianca, Amy, Brianna (One sided on brianna's side), Beth,Emma,Zoey The Pope
Roleplayer Lettucecow

Cody was a camper on tdi, and is competing in the Ridonculous Race with Jared.

Ridonculous Race Episode Apperances

On Your Marks...

Nobody Expects The Spanish Competition

Gypsy Hybrids

The Rocky Roads of Dublin

Berlin Fall

The Soviet Connection

Monk Marathon

The Wrath of Khan

Tag-a' You're It

No Hatikvah

Syrian Steel

No más cárteles

Climbing Khalifa

 Great jäbdänya

Tro Tro Travel

Warsaw Packing

Carry Me Careful

Tuk Tuk These Pairs Suck

We're Oslo Cold

City of Trite (no lines) Papal Panic


  • It is revealed in the first episode that the reason for cody  being evil was part of a mind controlling device that hijotee planted on him.
  • He won both of the first seasons of Hijotee's and this RP. 
  • As of Papal Panic Him and Jared currently have the pope hostage.
  • Cody and Jared were the only pair that left the competion in the final 10, that did not get an interview.