Coco Cray Cray Idiot was a competitor in previous seasons, she returned as an intern, only to be fired, currently she remains on the island. She makes a return in Coco's Revenge and even becomes a contestant.

Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Eliminated TDR-TBA
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA


Coco is a nice girl who loves doing things, but forgets things really easily. She eventually remembers them at horrible times. Coco sometimes speaks slowly especially when trying to remember things. She is never insulted, being oblivious when someone insults her. She also loves to think it's Christmas. Coco sometimes tries to communicate in her language only to fail. By saying; "Cake-O" or "Loco" instead of Coco. In challenges Coco can do well, she has immense running skills her obliviousness can sometimes confuse the others, unintentionally giving her an advantage. Also, Coco is sensitive her feelings are hurt easily.


Hijotee's RP

In Reload the Cast, she is the first to be introduced, she says she's cray cray for Coco, She is chosen to be on the Candied Codies. She doesn't do much for the rest of the episode.

In Steve Job's Revenge, she doesn't do anything, this is later pointed out when she is LOW. While she almost leaves Corey is voted out instead. Money Bag comments that Coco should have gone. Soon after Coco communicates in her language. In Cliff Diving, Coco is seen only saying her name numerous times, she does the challenge, earning 5 points.

In Chef's Fun Feast, she does not do much but say her name, and as a result, she is eliminated later that episode.

In Cast Rearrangements, Coco is seen trying to guess suggestions for questions which are given, so she can return as a contestant, eventually she does due to beating Owen in a game. She is later seen sitting by Fang.

In Heather's Bug After Math, Coco is seen saying that she is happy that she is back and does not say anything else for the remainder of the episode.

In Pizza Madness, Coco did not help her team, but is spared from elimination.

In Monster Josh, Coco did not do or say anything.

In Logging With Bianca, she is told to shut up after speaking for to long, she isn't seen doing the challenge after wards, but doesn't get eliminated.

In Tower of Trash, she along with the others, votes off Bianca, and eventually Bianca is eliminated.

In OC Disaster, Coco is content with being in the Final 14, she laters says she is sure that she'll win. Coco is extremely content with the challenge, however she dislikes the suits she has to wear for the challenge, saying it must be embarrassing. Coco lasts very long in the challenge, she targets Vin and dodges many on coming shots, she is taken out by Vin. At elimination, Coco votes Henry, along with all the others.

In The Sea Of Death, Coco informs everyone she can speak and answers Chris' rhetorical question. She is not at all fazed by Vin weilding a knife. She later is seen cooing over a dolphin and being sacrcastic to Trent, she tells him that she will see him at elimination, however he kicks her, Coco is seen saddened at Trent's elimination, apolgizing to him.

In Fang's River Race, Coco loves the new island, she votes for Lindsay and Brianna at elimination and reverts back to her old ways saying her name like she did previously.

In Vin's Voage, Coco has fully gone back to her old ways, only stating her name, luckily, due to answering a question first, she is safe at elimination.

In The Tree of Life, Coco continues her old ways, by continuing to state her name, she is safe at elimination, much to her delight.

In Mal's Malevolent Merging, Coco booted herself at the end of the episode.

Total Drama Island

Coco returns as an intern, much to the confusion of other contestants, she explains that she is an intern, and boasts that she can speak. She calls Bianca a swear word, literally saying just that, in replace of profanity. She tells everyone they need to be good, due to thinking it's Christmas, when corrected, she sobs loudly and says they ruined her Christmas lists.

When Chris tells them, he is going to announce the teams, Coco wonders what team she will be on, Coco takes over as host after thinking Chris has died, she tells everyone there are 6 teams. Before then, she commands Brianna (not remembering her name) should keep quiet. Chris ignores her and continues to host, making Coco scream out in fear and run off. She returns later to sob about her not being placed on the hero team.

Eventually, she asks the time, asking a few contestants and Chris, without recieving an answer. When the cabins fall apart, Coco thinks Chris meant that to happen, Coco is upset when the others start insulting the cabins as she admits she made them. She then scolds Scott for insulting Cameron, Cameron later asks Chris if they'll sleep with blankets, Coco thinks they will.

Later, after the challenge is announced, she is seemingly trying to remember something about the supplies, in the confessional she says what she knows is probably not important. When she's sees Cameron get stung by bees, she tells him that there were bees in where he was looking. Coco is thought to have heard Bianca's confessional as she calls her 'Bee Face' and tells her she has indeed gone soft, to which Bianca reacts angrily to, she even throws a rock at Coco's face, which Coco is seen cooing over happily. 

Coco eventually remembers some supplies are explosive and are planted as traps around the island, Coco tries to remember where the supplies were put once again. She is in shock when she actually remembers where they are, she proceeds to dig them up, but she finds out they are explosive and scampers away.

She is later seen standing by the real supplies, simply whistling. She forgets the challenge and asks if anyone needs supplies. Cameron and Felix realize she has the supplies.

Coco flies away and drops the supplies after an explosive piece is thrown at her and Chris commands her to drop the supplies. She yells that they have been destoryed slightly as she flies off. Coco happy proclaims once she lands that she has one piece.

Chris tells Coco to meet her at his office, she is seen at his office, Chris reveals Coco has been fired, she cries in despair and throws the remaining piece she has at Chris, it explodes as she begins to run off. Coco cries at elimination, (Chris told her to go to elimination with Team Neutral). 

Chris tells everyone that they know how this works, Coco admits she doesn't, but Chris ignores her anyway. Coco is happy when she is announced the loser, clearly not getting what is, everyone else is extremely shocked. She starts to understand what it is and is slightly saddened, she bids farewell. When Chris reveals that she will be the first to take the Cliff Dive of shame she darts out of the ceremony and runs off. Chris lets her stay on the island and eliminates Noah instead.

She makes a return in Coco's Revenge.