Team Neutral
Gender Female
Hair color Black with purple highlights
Eye color Black
Eliminated TDI - Quest to Cody Island
Place TDI - 18th
Relationship Pierre (one sided fake crush on his side)
Friends Brianna
Enemies Amy, Scott
Roleplayer User:BoysCanLikeItToo

Bianca was a contestant on Total Drama. She is a ruthless player, and uses her brutality and strentgh to make her fellow competitors fear her. Her only friend seems to be Brianna, shown as how she constantly protects and cheers her on. Despite her rude and hurtful nature (and her ability to lift trees and whack her opponents with them when angered), she seems to hold respect for any competitors who will take the game to the next level, and seems them as a fun challenge.

In the Game

Bianca was eliminated before the merge. She scared her fellow competitors, and even manipulated Amy with a tape of her sharing how she thought of Scott, even having Brianna record his confessional. After Team Neutral, the team Bianca was reluctantly placed on, lost a challenge, they took the opportunity to eliminate Bianca. Bianca then presented an elimination idol, which was revealed to be a fake due to the absence of the Seal of Approval. It was a fake made by either Scott or Amy, who debated over who made it. Bianca was about to jump off the cliff, only to be taken away by the FBI seconds before.

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