IMPORTANT :Rules Update

As of 1/12/13 the rules for roleplay have been updated. Everyone must read these, especially that chat mods who must enforce these rules.

1. You may miss roleplay three times without a good reason. There is a system that notes who is not at roleplay so that nobody forgets. Your character will only be subbed if you have notified someone before roleplay that you will not be there. If you any missing without notice then your character will not be subbed and will not be protected from elimination. If you miss more than 3 roleplays without a good reason, all your remaining characters will be re-cast and you will not be allowed participate until the next season.

2. When I ask for silence in the chat while Chris speaks, you must be silent! If somebody talks they will be kicked. If they talk multiple times they will be banned until the end of the episode and their character will not be subbed and will not be protected from elimination.

3. Season 1 will have no returns, so any requests for your character to return will be ignored.

4. Chat mods are assigned at my discretion. You do not ask to become a mod or admin. Doing so will result in a kick.

5. Godplay is not tolerated. If you godplay, the character you used will be given one automatic vote at the next elimination ceremony which cannot be removed.

6. Please keep your contestants in character. (i.e: Lindsay is not a brain surgeon in training waiting for her scholarship to Yale.) You may change their personalities a little bit, but you must ask for my approval.

7. All eliminations are final. Unless you have an immunity idol or Chris decides to eliminate somebody else, you are eliminated.

8. Chat mods are to enforce all of the above rules. Breaking any of these rules may earn them a demotion.